Lesson 3: A short introduction to Amaroth:


Auralis is one of the two currently known continents on Amaroth and the only active one. Ozun, the original continent, was considered to be severely out of balance with a confusing canon and sloppy world building. For these reasons Ozun has been put on hold as part of the project and not a canon part of it. Auralis is the newer continent.

Map of Auralis

Auralis is situated in the southern hemisphere, meaning that it gets colder if you go further south. In size, Auralis is roughly 50% bigger than Earth’s Europe and has a large arrangement of climates and nature, varying from jungles in the north to wide steppes in the east, dark forests in the southwest and frozen wastes in the southeast.
Several countries, peoples and nations can be found on Auralis. They include:

  • Kingdom Avaren in the south-west. Avaren is the main focus of the project and will be handled with more detailed in the next lesson.

  • The Empire, located in the centre. This is the mightiest nation on Auralis and continuously tries to expand its borders, but the conquering has come to a halt the last 200 years as it has stumbled upon highly determined resistance lately.

  • A trading nation on the island in the Northern Bay (the Goldwater). These are an arrogant people with a very strong merchant-spirit and a very large trading fleet.

  • A sea-roaming nomadic people who live on enormous ships and survive by trading and processing products on their ships. They have an unique calendar based on the stars.

  • Primitive nomadic tribes in the far east.

  • A group of aggressive city-states at the east side of the Southern Bay. These cities often use privateers as a part of their economy. As such, the bay is full of pirates from this faction or another. The city-states are known for fighting amongst themselves practically at all times, but they often combine their strength if the Empire tries to conquer them. So far, the Empire hasn’t been able to subdue the states.

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