Welcome to Amaroth

Welcome, dear traveller. My name is Leonard, a scholar from the fine city of Konigsberg. I see you’re not from around these parts, so allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of Amaroth!

Amaroth is a beautiful planet, which is similar in many ways to that odd place called Earth you come from, but I hear there are some differences. Is it true that you don’t have magic there? No plants with exceptional powers? No majestic animals usually seen in dreams? No mystical places with mysterious pasts? Gods, the place must be dull. At least tell me you have meatballs in ginger sauce! Well, rest assured, poor sod. Because we have everything I just mentioned! Even the meatballs. So knock yourself out, old bean, throw yourself upon the many enjoyments Amaroth has to offer. Get out there and let yourself be swept away in its myriad of wonders. I assure you, you'll be flabbergasted!



Above, you have already shortly met Leonard, one of the inhabitants of Amaroth who happens to like ambushing new arrivals and shower them with gentlemanly gibberish. Sorry about that. Allow me to explain. Amaroth is a big fantasy project which takes place in the minds of all our members. I am Ulysses, chairman of the projects leading group, the Creation team. As such it is my duty to give you a short explanation about this site. I will try to tell you about the absolute basics of Amaroth.

Amaroth was founded the 17th of September 2008 and was originally based on a map our founder Asger had drawn for a future story. He thought it was a good idea to expand Amaroth a bit more and play a forum RPG (or Role Playing Game) around it. Very soon the first members arrived and we could get started. The creativity of the whole community could not be halted though and Amaroth grew out to be a whole world full of adventure, magic and fantasy.

By now we have our own website with a forum and a wiki full of interesting articles. From experience I know that it can be slightly frustrating for a new member to arrive on a new site and not know where to start. That is why we arranged "A Short Introduction to Amaroth", a useful little booklet in which all the important information about the site and the world Amaroth is bundled. Leonard wrote it but last time I checked it didn’t have any toodeloos, old beans or fresh carrots. The booklet serves as a starting point for new members, so read it at your leisure and start your voyage of discovery!