Lesson 2: A Short Introduction to Amaroth:

The Website

The website of Amaroth is a relatively large whole with different sections, each with a specific function. Because new members often have a difficult time finding their way on the website, the several section are explained here. To really be able to follow it you could open the Amaroth homepage in a second window or tab.

2.1: The Homepage

The homepage is the page you end up on when you surf to www.amaroth.net. Here you can find general business like a welcome, news, rules, downloads and partners. For new members it’s a good idea to scout the homepage using the navigation on the left side. In case you accidentally reach a different area, you can always go back to the homepage by clicking “Amaroth” in the header.

2.2: The Wiki

A second section of the website is the wiki. This online encyclopaedia comprises information about all the finished parts of Amaroth. If you ever want to look something up about a specific subject, the wiki is the perfect place to do so. Type a keyword and click search to find all information about this subject. The wiki is a good work of reference for everyone; for advanced members it is even a vital part of the website. When creating new content for Amaroth, the new subject has to comply with what has already been created in the past. For that reason only registered members can edit the wiki and supplying false information is not kindly regarded. You can find the wiki by clicking “wiki” in the header.

2.3: The Forum

The third and perhaps most important part of the website is the forum. All registered members gather at the forum to partake in roleplays, to discuss new creations or to just talk about random things. To really experience Amaroth, the forum is almost vital.
The forum is separated into three large categories, each with their own function.

General Board

This section deals with general business like news, announcements, rules etc. For the new user, this is a very important section.

Rules:There are links to rules and behavioural codes here, about the forum and the website. Every member is supposed to read and respect the rules of the forum. Users causing problems can be banned temporarily or even permanently.

Notice board: The moderators post important news about Amaroth here. It is recommended to keep a good eye on this forum, to stay updated about the goings-on.

Welcome: Here every new member can introduce himself in his own introduction topic, this way other users can get to know them better.

Questions and Suggestions: Everyone with a problem or idea for the forum or website belongs here. Do not be shy to use this forum when something is bothering you.

The Academy: There are links to all lessons in the Academy here. You can pose questions about the lessons, post comments about them, have assignments checked, etc.

RPG's: This forum contains all RPG’s which play out on Amaroth. There is a Dutch part and an English part. Feel free to join us in the different RPG's. RPGing is an activity which takes up quite a bit of time, so make sure you can handle it before partaking.

The Creation-corner

In this category, all the actual creation takes place. Here can everybody post all their material that has to do with Amaroth. These works will be reviewed, corrected and added to the wiki. As a beginning member it’s best to contact a moderator before starting your first creation. This is to avoid new people who don’t know anything about amaroth yet creating lots of conflict between articles. There are two subboards in this category.

Auralis All written material, that's relevant to whole the continent Auralis, can be post here. You can find for example fauna, flora and magic articles in this topic.

Avaren All written material, that's only relevant to the country Avaren, can be put here. For example culture stuff, godmaterial, organisations, local sports, foodreceipts, geographics etc etc.


Here users can catch their breath and talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Amaroth.

2.4: The Chat

The chat is a place where members can meet each other and chat at a quick pace. A forum is useful for posting lots of text, but to just talk about no matter what the chat is the perfect place. On top of that, members grow closer together by talking regularly.

2.5: The Library

The Library of Amaroth has the same function as a normal library. All finished works are collected here and can be read by anyone. Stories do have to be approved by the Council of Seven first though, before they appear in the library.

2.6: The Academy

The academy is a place of wisdom and knowledge. Everyone who wants to learn something can go here. By the use of structured lessons and tutorials, everything is explained step by step. Especially for new members this is a recommendation.

2.7: The Atlas

The atlas is a collection of all official maps that have ever been made of Amaroth. Everyone can immerse themselves into the atlas to get a better view of Amaroth. At the moment there are two maps, one of Auralis and one of Ozun.


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