FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, it’s best to look here to see if it has been answered already. If your question is not listed here, you can send us a message.

About Amaroth

What is Amaroth?

Amaroth is the all-encompassing term for the website, the forum, the chat, the wiki, the library, the academy and the atlas. These together are also called the “Amaroth project”. Besides that, Amaroth is the name of the planet and what the project is all about.

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Who can work on Amaroth

Anyone can work on Amaroth. Stories can be sent in by anyone and as long as they have something to do with Amaroth and they are approved by the Creation Team, they will be seen as part of Amaroth. But to really be able to work on Amaroth, you should register on the forum. On the forum you can create plants and animals, you can join an RPG and help making the history of Amaroth. Or you can just immerse yourself in the Amaroth mood!

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How did Amaroth come into being

The project started because Asger thought of it and made it happen. It didn’t take long for the first Amaroth forum to have some enthusiastic members and the project really took off. The project has experienced several overhauls and changes of leadership, including the departure of Asger, a shift in policy and magic system, a new continent to start anew and the translation of the entire project from the original Dutch language to English.

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What are the differences between Amaroth and Earth

At first glance, Amaroth and Earth are much alike. But if you look closer, you will discover that Amaroth is a planet of magic, possibilities, and alchemy. Exceptional creatures live in the woods, waters and mountains, and the balance of powers stands upon the precipice of change, waiting for you to give it a push.

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About the Forum

Who are the administrators and moderators

At the moment there is one administrator: Rhynn. There is also one moderator: Ulysses. The Creation team consists of changing members.

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How do I log in/register?

If you are not logged in, in the upper left corner, under the menu, there will be a link that says “Log in” and a link that says “Register”. There you can log in or register. If you already have a username you should log in, it is not allowed to have multiple usernames.

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How do I change my user settings?

At the top right, under the menu, is a link to the user control panel. There you can change your preferences, chance your profile and read/send private messages.

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How do I post a message?

If you look at a topic, at the top left and bottom left you’ll see a button with “Reply”. If you click that button you will get a screen where you can type and send your message. If you want to open a new topic, you should press “New topic” instead.

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I have a question that has not been answered here, where can I ask it?

If you have a username on the forum it’s best to ask your question in “Questions and Suggestions”. Or you can send a PM to a member of the Creation Team. If you do not have a username, it’s best to use the contact form.

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About the Academy

What is the academy?

In the academy you can find lessons and tutorials on various subjects. The tutorials can be about things that do not have a direct link to Amaroth, but the lessons really do have to be about Amaroth.

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I have a question about a lesson/tutorial, where can I ask it?

At the bottom of each lesson or tutorial is a link to the topic about the lesson/tutorial on the forum. There you can always ask a question about the contents. If you do not have a username on the forum, you can always fill out the contact form.

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I have written a lesson/tutorial for Amaroth, how do I get it on the website?

It’s best to fill out the contact form and tell us what the lesson or tutorial is about. If the Creation Team thinks it fits inside Amaroth and deserves a spot in the Academy, they will review it. If they approve it, it will appear on the website within a few days to weeks.

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About the Library

What is the library?

The library is where all the stories and digital books about Amaroth can be read. These stories should all be finished.

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I have a question about a story, where can I ask it?

Every story has the name of the author somewhere along it, with a link to his/her profile on the forum. Through the profile you can send a personal message with your question. If you do not have an account on the forum, use the contact form. The Creation Team will then get your question to the right person.

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I have written a story for Amaroth, how do I get it on the website?

At the bottom of the library we have provided a form to send in your story. If you fill this out your story will be read by the Creation Team, who will decide if the story really does fit inside Amaroth.

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About the wiki

What is the wiki?

You can see the wiki as an encyclopaedia of Amaroth. There is an article there about all subjects that have something to do with Amaroth. If it’s on the wiki, you can assume the information is correct.

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I have put something on the wiki but it’s gone! How is this possible?

It can have several reasons. It could be you were not logged in, in which case it has been removed due to previous bad experiences with vandalism. It could also be that the contents of what you wrote was incorrect or already on the wiki. Remember that creations should always be placed on the forum before being allowed to be put on the wiki.

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I would like to write something for the wiki, but I don’t know anything about wikicode. Help!

If you just place your article on the forum for checking and include that you don’t know anything about wikicode, there will always be someone willing to put it on the wiki for you. If you really want to put it on yourself, you can use the manual. Also attentively read the exemplary article.

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I have a question/comment about something on the wiki, where can I put it?

The wiki itself has a Discussion page with every article, but those are not checked regularly. For a quick answer it’s best to put a topic in the Codex Trivium.

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About the chat

What is the chat?

The chat is a place where you can talk with other members who are online at that moment. Your message appears immediately, so it’s similar to msn messenger only you don’t have a contact list.

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How do I get a login?

If you are registered on the forum, you already have one. If you just want to check it out before registering, just enter a username and leave the password field blank. This will log you in as a guest.

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Can I just close the window to logout, or do I first have to logout manually?

If you just close the window, you will be logged out only after a few minutes or, if you are the last person in the chat, when someone else enters. This can be annoying to other people because they might be speaking to you when you aren’t actually there anymore. It’s best to just log out with the button for it and then close the window.

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When I came into the chat someone was online, but he/she disappeared with a timeout after a few seconds, how is this possible?

The person who disappeared so suddenly didn’t log out before closing the window and was the last person in the chat. This is one of the reasons it’s important to log out before closing the window.

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Other questions

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. Where can I ask it?

If you have a forum account, you can ask your question in “Questions and Suggestions”. Or you can send a personal message to a Council member. If you do not have a forum account, it’s best to use the contact form.

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What about copyrights on Amaroth?

In principle everything on Amaroth is protected by copyright (according to the Dutch copyright laws, with possible additions or changes according to the copyright laws of the area where the creator of the piece in question lives). You can read more about the copyright in the rules about copyright on Amaroth.

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